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    Vending machines are for a midday snack, a quick can of soda, and now a two person kayak?!?
    Tourism for British Columbia has introduced the world to a whole new species of vending machine with their “BC Moments Machine” The 14 foot tall behemoth dispenses everything from kayaks, to golf clubs and surf boards. Check out the Inspiration Room for video and images of stunned San Franciscans as the machine makes its way across the nation for the “100 BC Moments” campaign this summer.

    — Via The Inspiration Room

    — 2 years ago
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    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so the Austrian village of Hallstatt should have plenty to be proud of now that the Chinese province of Guandong has created a $940 million replica of the town.

    Via PSFK:

    "China Minmetals Corporation spent $940 million to build a replica of the UNESCO World Heritage-listed village that recently opened its doors to tourism. An hour away from Huizhou city, near the ‘factory of the world’ Pearl River Delta, the controversial replica initially drew the ire from residents of the real Hallstatt. However, after realizing the unique marketing opportunity it presented, the mayor of the real Hallstatt flew out for the replica’s opening ceremony."

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    Beautiful work from STA Travel Australia. Three short films, “Move,” “Eat” and “Learn” capture 44 days in 11 countries.

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