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    Oh Chuck – I Blew My Cash! $50 Hamburger

    YES -  We’re really excited to see people actually talking to Chuck!
    It’s as if the last 5 years of ‘Talk To Chuck’ messaging has been an extended trailer for the feature that is this ad campaign. An all-too-obvious insight: people know they’re being reckless with their money and they spend it anyway. Sometimes all you need is to be told not to, so thanks Chuck for the dose of rational thinking.
    We love the friendly 60s crime caper creative direction, the music is excellent, and Chuck has a small buffalo statue on his desk. I feel like I know him now. I love you chuck.
    On Facebook, viewers can also tell Chuck the dumb stuff they’ve blown they cash on for a chance to win $10,000 account at Charles Schwab.

    — 2 years ago
    #advertising  #gemoftheweek  #talktochuck  #humor