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    Is the Pen Mightier Than the Finger? Drawing Apps Boost Sales of Stylus

    I know… we just wrote about the stylus a couple weeks ago, but we’re running across more and more clues that point to a triumphant return (despite Steve Job’s prediction). Spigen, a Los Angeles accessory maker, has been selling 10 percent more styluses than usual in the past week. Sue Choe, a spokeswoman for the company, said her hunch is that “Draw Something” has something to do with it. Meanwhile, sales of Ten One Design’s Pogo pens are up 33 percent this month. Peter Skinner, the firm’s founder, attributes that to the launch of the new iPad.

    Could they co-exist? Could there be a strong enough preference for both solutions to be profitable? We have finger painters and we have brush-users.


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    Return of the stylus?

    Until recently the notion of a stylus operated smartphone was lost with distant memories of checking our answering machines and resetting our 28k external modems. To our surprise they’ve made a return in the Galaxy Note, an new Samsung smartphone/tablet hybrid (massive 5.3” screen) aimed square at creative consumers. 

    Most tech writers are dismissing this as a product-misstep but is it possible there’s a market looking for more creative control and precision? We know one thing, our whole office is hooked on this up-and-coming app and it sure would be nice to have a pen…

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