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    In the late 1960s photographer Tony Ray-Jones traveled across his country in a VW camper documenting the eccentric leisure activities of the English. Now on display at the Science Museum in London. 


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    You can now add voiceover, background music, etc. to your photos using a new App called Shadow Puppet. 


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    Carlos Ayesta, a freelance photographer specializing in architecture, is apparently unafraid of heights. He snaps photos while scaling down the sides of buildings, most recently in Paris.



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    In its heyday, Paris nightclub Les Bains-Douche played host to raucous parties with the likes of Kate Moss, Andy Warhol, and David Bowie but since the space was condemned due to structural insecurity in 2010 it has sat unused and blocked from the public. However in the past few months, a team of over 50 street artists and a group of photographers to document it all have breathed new life into the nightclub.

    The former 19th century municipal bathhouse is scheduled to be demolished in several days but in the meantime the Magda Danysz Gallery has curated “Un Jour, Un Artiste”, treating the building as a temporary art gallery. Check out the blog here for daily photos and artist write-ups (in French of course).


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    Artist Bobby Neal Adams takes on the journey of aging in his newest series of photos, AgeMaps. He splices and dices photos of the same person from their youth and adulthood to create a dual portrait.  The effect is equal parts horrifying and heartwarming. 

    This isn’t the artist’s first foray into the concept of a dual portrait- he has equally curious works exploring facial similarities between family and couples

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    Canadian photographer Hana Pesut has tested the theory that couples dress alike over time with her Switcheroo project.  It’s not very scientific but highly entertaining.

    (Source: BuzzFeed)

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    Started after a group of 10 former employees bought up the Polaroid factory in the Netherlands last year, Impossible has created the Instant Lab.  The portable device allows users to print instantly from their iPhone with the push of a button. 

    Expected to retail at $299, The Lab has already surpassed its goals on Kickstarter and is scheduled to hit stores in the next month.

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    Photographer Tim Tadder uses lasers, microphones and high-speed strobes to create these amazing photographs.

    Calling all bald models, who are ok with having water balloons launched at their heads.

    via Wired

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    Photographer Jay Clendenin spent the weeks leading up to the Olympics making portraits of athletes on the US Olympic Team. But rather than a typical digital shoot, Clendenin captured each athlete with a 4x5” field camera and a 100-year-old Petzval lens. The result is a beautiful contrast between old and new.

    See more here.

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    Andreas Franke documented his journey to the Hoyt S. Vandenberg, a ship 100 feet below sea level and 7 miles south of Key West. He then digitally created the surreal images inspired by everyday scenes from the past. The 12 photos are now on display, in heavy-duty waterproof frames, attached to the sides of the ship with magnets.

    See the rest here.

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    Hipstamatic Launches Snap

    Hey shutterbugs - Hipstamatic has started their own iPad magazine called ‘Snap’ which will feature selected userphotography. Also check out their #makebeautiful campaign.
    Get ta snappin!
    Via TechCrunch

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    Getty Images Uses 873 Pictures to Tell One Amazing Story

    Brazilian ad agency AlmapBBDO uses 873 stills, all from the archive of Getty Images, to tell the story of a life in this 60-second film. The pictures—of different people and locations—were culled from more than 5,000 images in Getty’s archive and took six months to assemble into a coherent story line.
    Via AdWeek

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    If you’ve not seen the new Nike Flyknits yet, this is the best way to do it without having them in front of you.
    Four years in the making, Flyknit Racer required an entirely different shoe-making process (including new machinery and software) to produce a one-piece, lightweight knit upper. For support and structure, Nike wove in supportive cables, which loosen and contract with your foot. The collaborating team of stylist Hiroshi Fujiwara, Nike Vice President of Creative Design Tinker Hatfield, and Nike CEO Mark Parker used the warp and weft of the knit to come up with some interesting color combinations for the three-shoe line: Multiple yarns of varying hues are mixed to create a heathered effect, and bold color details are integrated throughout.

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