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    JWT joined with Warner Bros. and the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to create a campaign designed to help children with cancer to better understand their treatment and be less frightened by chemotherapy.


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      While packaging goes a long way in establishing a brand’s look and identity, it is also the least eco-friendly part of a product with the majority ending up in landfills around the country.

    As part of his senior thesis, Pratt design student Aaron Mickelson has come up with a solution that makes product and packaging one and the same- effectively cutting down on unneeded materials while still providing a branding platform. Check out his work for Tide, Dove, and Twinnings here.


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    Diet Coke, the No. 2 soda in the country, has changed their permanent packaging for the first time in 5 years. 

    More at AdAge

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    A concept for a new Arizona Ice Tea bottle was created by Lindsay Amoroso to be resealable and eco-friendly. The packaging uses modern sketch-like interpretations of traditional Native American designs. A nice balance of modernity and handicraft here, gimme!

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    Beer for those who hate Beer

    McKenzie River Corporation has released ‘Air’, a new premium malt beverage that is being marketed as tasteless, odorless, and colorless. 

    While its origins make it most similar to beer, it is touted as a more ‘natural’ and less caloric alternative to a vodka drink with packaging reminiscent of vitaminwater.  It currently comes in club, berry and citrus flavors and is being released in select US cities with plans to expand further.

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    Veuve Clicquot pays tribute to its past with unique, sardine-can-inspired packaging for its Brut Yellow Label. Get the story here

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    Packaging that tastes good too

    A biomedical engineer from Harvard has developed biodegradable packaging that is edible as well.  The solution will cut down on plastic pollution and also serve as a tasty treat- evidenced above by the latest prototype, ice cream wrapped in a fudge flavored membrane. 

    More via Fast Company

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    Never struggle with a ketchup bottle again. MIT has created a non-stick coating called LiquiGlide to keep thick condiments flowing. The spray-on coating can be used on the inside of plastic or glass packaging to eliminate wasted product, not to mention frustration.

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    Bloom Chips improves upon the Pringles can by turning it into an expandable bowl.

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    Vintage Kellogg’s packaging for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

    Vintage Kellogg’s packaging for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

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    Concept packaging for Rosa Tea allows you to steep and remove the bag with ease.

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    Jean Paul Gaultier is the latest designer to partner up with Diet Coke. The bottles are an homage to Madonna’s iconic Gaultier outfits.

    Jean Paul Gaultier is the latest designer to partner up with Diet Coke. The bottles are an homage to Madonna’s iconic Gaultier outfits.

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    Apple Active Packaging

    Today the news brings word of another wild patent from Apple – this time it’s packaging related. This patent titled “Active Electronic Media Packaging” shows Apple is interested in wirelessly charging its devices…while still on shelves. This patent would also allow Apple to transmit data (like softwareupdates) and display imagery on screens (advertising?).
    Apple has big eyes for packaging, according to their patent file: “Although typical packaging for an electronic media device may be designed to adequately protect the device from shock or damage, the packaging is extremely limited in other respects.
    For example, the ability to fully view or interact with the electronic media device while still inside the packaging is severely limited in most packaging designs. Although unobtrusive packaging designs have been developed, these designs typically do not allow electronic media devices to be interacted with while inside the packaging.”
    For now it’s just a cool idea, but we think their long-term thinking is right on track.
    Via VentureBeat

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    Smart Cartons Change Color When Milk Spoils

    Created by packaging giant, Tetra-Pak, a milk carton with an embedded chip to provide consumers data on everything from how long the carton has been outside the fridge to which cow on which farm produced the milk.
    Pondering….will this result in hyper-specific cow milk demand? Imagine: “I only drink Bessie from Sunnybook Farms…” Hold your horses artisanal-only city-dwellers, Tetra Pak is first unrolling this innovate product in BRIC nations.
    All kidding aside, this is a great example of human-centered design.
    Via PSFK

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