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    Another great write-up for the A to Z Project in Creative Review. 


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    The A to Z Project, released to the public just last week, is featured in Fast Company today. 


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    Memrise helps you…memorize

    Check out this incredible (and incredibly fun) new way to learn just about anything. It’s great for languages, and free! One more example of (gulp) ‘gamification’ in the education space.
    From their site:
    "We want to reinvent the way people learn. We want to make learning as easy and fun as it can be, using the best technology and science around. We want to take learning out of the classroom and turn it into play.
    Our dream is for Memrise to be a self-generating hub of imaginative learning that improves and expands with the people who use it. Until then, we’re working hard to make it better every day.”

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    What happened to good old training wheels? British company Early Rider has developed a revolutionary ride-on bike for children between the ages of one and two. The lightweight and curvaceous Spherovelo Juno is built using two spherical balls covered with a hard nylon shell. The bike can be switched from ‘stable’ to ‘unstable.’ In the unstable mode, the bike wobbles in order to help kids develop their early-stage of motor skills and assist them in learning how to balance.
    The design of the Spherovelo is simple, minimalistic and innovative. The company hopes to “produce fantastic pre school and first bikes that take a fun, systematic and safe approach to teaching children to ride. Our ambition is to get every child mobile, without using stabilizers.”

    via PSFK:

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    "Another recurring theme is the importance of education. All of these flourishing cultures pioneered new forms of teaching and learning. Medieval Florence saw the rise of the apprentice-master model, which let young artists learn from veteran experts. Elizabethan England made a concerted effort to educate its middle-class males, which is how William Shakespeare—the son of a glover who couldn’t sign his name—ended up getting free Latin lessons. We need to emulate these ingenious eras and encourage rampant experimentation in the education sector, whether it’s taking the Khan Academy mainstream or expanding vocational training. As T. S. Eliot once remarked, the great ages did not contain more talent. They wasted less."
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    What are you thinking? This small series of 2min videos by Bridge 8 and animator James Hutson, explain various aspects of critical thinking with beautiful 50s inspired graphics. We think know we like them.

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