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    Designed by British sculptor Anish Kapoor and Japanese architect Arata Isozaki, the portable balloon-like purple structure known as Ark Nova is home to an annual two-week music festival that travels across the northeastern region of Japan devastated by the 2011 tsunami.


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    Malta-based architect William Bondin envisions a world populated by living sculptures that interact with their surroundings.

    Morphs are metal sculptures decked out with electronics that constantly assess light intensity and water presence so as to make the best decisions about their paths. 


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    Two artists in love built this house of windows in rural West Virgina.


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    Carlos Ayesta, a freelance photographer specializing in architecture, is apparently unafraid of heights. He snaps photos while scaling down the sides of buildings, most recently in Paris.



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    Parametric architecture brought to the quiet and quaint Alpine town of Sesto by architectural firm PLASMA Studio. A snakelike structure extends from the top of the original villa to the bottom of a slope, accentuating the beauty of the original architecture and the surroundings. A great example of old and new getting on swimmingly. 


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    MoMa and social media app Foursquare have teamed up to bring NYCers a digital map of the metropolis’ well-known and hidden architectural gems. Landmarks of Modern Architecture features everything from the famous Flatiron building that spawned an entire neighborhood to an unassuming modernist Rockefeller guest house in Midtown East.

    The scavenger hunt takes the user all over NYC and offers design insights for each of its attractions. Take the hunt to the next level with a visit to MoMa’s ongoing retrospectives, “Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light” and “Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Architecture”.


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    Architects working on the upcoming Fulton Street station have finally found a way to bring some light into the notoriously dark and dank NYC subway system. The innovative station design, expected to be unveiled in 2014, will feature an eight-story glass dome suspended by a 70 feet cabling system. The glass tiles of the dome will filter and amplify the natural light down onto the train passengers below. Surprisingly the idea is not entirely new, early subway designs featured small skylights but they were difficult to keep clean and overtime were scrapped in favor of low maintenance artificial lighting. However officials are hoping the success of Fulton Street will encourage other stations to bring the light back to the underground.

    Click here to check out the full concept.


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    Greenest Office Building in the World coming to Seattle

    A 50,000 square foot space is headed for construction in Seattle and promises to be the world’s most environmentally conscious office.   The Bullitt Center will feature “100% onsite energy use from solar panels, all water provided by harvested rainwater, natural lighting, indoor composting toilets, a system of geothermal wells for heating, and a wood-framed structure (made out of FSC-certified wood)”. 

    The success of the ambitious design relies on several Seattle-specific features (excessive rainfall, cheap energy, etc) so unfortunately it cannot be easily recreated elsewhere.  However, supporters are hoping the eco-friendly project inspires like-minded efforts around the globe.


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    Hey New Yorkers! 

    On October 7 as a part of the Open House New York Weekend, visitors will have the rare opportunity to experience a sliver of that bygone time in travel. The newly restored TWA Flight Center at John F. Kennedy airport in New York City — one of the most iconic buildings of modern architecture — opens briefly to the public.

    via Fathom

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    Live in a MUJI designed home….for FREE

    MUJI, the Japanese consumer and home goods company, has created a house in Mitaka, Tokyo completely furnished in MUJI goods and is offering a FREE 2 year stay in exchange for completing a monitoring process throughout your lease.  Enter the lottery to win by June 25th, 2012 on either  facebook or twitter but you may need to brush up on your characters as all monitoring communications will be in Japanese.

    Via Spoon & Tamago

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    Fashion Week has hit NYC so it seems only fitting to see a mash-up of the best of NYFW with obscure architecture:

    Fashion Week has hit NYC so it seems only fitting to see a mash-up of the best of NYFW with obscure architecture:

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    Christopher Labrooy is inspired by the iconic style features of renown architects such as Tadao Ando, Frank Gehry and Zaha Hadid. Applying this inspiration to his 3D typography results in mini environments that we’d LOVE to walk around in.

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    Who knew that Ice Cube once studied architecture? Watch him wax lyrical on the Eames house in LA:

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    The new ‘it’ trend in hospitality is the mini  hotel room, which are popping up all over the world especially in airports. Is the squeeze worth your zzzzz’s?

    The new ‘it’ trend in hospitality is the mini hotel room, which are popping up all over the world especially in airports. Is the squeeze worth your zzzzz’s?

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