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    A new exercise model out of San Francisco is looking to take your neighborhood gym to the outdoors.  In partnership with the National Fitness Campaign, design firm NewDeal is attempting to eradicate all of your excuses for skipping the gym. 

    NewDeal has created a local, outdoor, and completely free ‘fitness court’.  Using durable, weather-ready materials the team developed a stable of equipment that can be easily transported and used for multiple exercises.  NFC has also hired trainers to assist in the development process and the team ultimately created a seven-minute circuit training podcast to guide users through their outdoor workout. 

    The first location has opened in the San Francisco area with further extensions planned in 2013.  Communities nationwide can request a free Fitness Court in their own backyard- corporate sponsors subsidize production and maitenance in return for free advertising space and PR.  This business model succeeded in the 70s under Mitch Menaged in over 4,000 cities and the NFC is hoping the new Fitness Courts will inspire a similar movement.

    Check out a video walk-thru here to see the space in action


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    To get you ready for the weekend- Check out this amazing new playground that opened this summer in Sydney, Australia. 

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    Vending machines are for a midday snack, a quick can of soda, and now a two person kayak?!?
    Tourism for British Columbia has introduced the world to a whole new species of vending machine with their “BC Moments Machine” The 14 foot tall behemoth dispenses everything from kayaks, to golf clubs and surf boards. Check out the Inspiration Room for video and images of stunned San Franciscans as the machine makes its way across the nation for the “100 BC Moments” campaign this summer.

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