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    Artist renderings for Olympic Park, the nucleus for the 2016 summer games to be held in Rio de Janeiro, promise seven sports venues plus an open entertainment area built to accommodate12,000 people—all this on a peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean.


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    How do make shoes for someone with no legs?

    Check this out for a rundown on how Nike created Olympic sprinter and double amputee Oscar Pistorius’ spikes.  Pistorius will be competing in the finals of the 4x400 relay on behalf of his native South Africa.

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    Photographer Jay Clendenin spent the weeks leading up to the Olympics making portraits of athletes on the US Olympic Team. But rather than a typical digital shoot, Clendenin captured each athlete with a 4x5” field camera and a 100-year-old Petzval lens. The result is a beautiful contrast between old and new.

    See more here.

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    Follow excitement surrounding the Olympics games in real-time with emoto. 

    The project analyses and tracks Twitter messages in variety of categories throughout the entire games, formulating them into easy to digest infographics and figures. 

    -More here


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    Google’s Olympic Doodle

    Today’s Google Doodle lets users get in into the competitive spirit with an Olympics hurdle competition.  Our personal best is 11.7- let’s see what you got!


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    In a show of British fashion and humor, many of London’s well-known statues appeared in fascinators, caps, crowns, and other colorful headgear as part of Hatwalk 2012. 

    Included in the exhibition’s twenty-one designs are Royal favorite Philip Treacy and world-renowned milliner Stephen Jones. 


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    Take a look at the studio of Olympic cauldron designer Thomas Heatherwick.  Explore his past works and a full brief on the London 2012 centerpiece. 

    Hailed as the ‘Leonardo Davinci of our times’ there is also a review of Heatherwicks’ work at V&A in London.

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    Infamous street artist Banksy has once again sparked controversy with the release of a critical series of work just days before the London Olympic games. According to the Guardian, London officials have already marked the works for removal in accordance with the strict image policy the city has put into place.  However, many critics have argued that Banksy and his fellow street artists embody London in a way that the ‘pristine’ image officials are hoping for does not.

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    The official Rio 2016 Olympics typeface has been released.  The range of curves in the 5448 characters were inspired by the ‘joyfulness of the Brazilian people’ as well as various landmarks of the Olympic city including the Rock de Gavea and Christ the Redeemer.  The informal and seemingly spontaneous nature of the type is a departure from the geometric focus of the upcoming London games.

    Via designweek

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    Gorgeous vintage Olympics posters from the 1972 games. See the entire collection.

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    Nike’s new Turbospeed suit claims to make runners .023 seconds faster over 100 meters. See more.

    Nike’s new Turbospeed suit claims to make runners .023 seconds faster over 100 meters. See more.

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    Snoozebox offers transportable and temporary hotel rooms made out of shipping containers, which can be constructed or taken down in just three days, stacked in tightspaces, and are ideal for events and festivals. Available in flexible configurations from 40 to 400 rooms, they are self-contained with no need for flat terrain or to be a near a gas/electricity source as Snoozebox provides power, water and waste extraction.

    The containers are furnished to a high standard and include a double bed with a memory foam mattress, air conditioning and heating, flat screen digital TV, power sockets, free wi-fi, and spacious storage units.

    In the future, there are plans for an Olympics-related Snoozebox event and they also hope to get involved with the Glastonbury music festival. You can take a virtual tour of a Snoozebox portable hotel in the video below:

    Via PSFK

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