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    And thus concludes another Movember at Red Peak. Great job, fellas! 

    And thus concludes another Movember at Red Peak. Great job, fellas! 

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    The A to Z Project, released to the public just last week, is featured in Fast Company today. 


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    Graffiti artist Banksy recently announced 'Better Out Than In,' a month-long residency on the streets of New York.


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    Intrigued by the notion of unplugging New Yorkers and getting them some fresh air, Brooklyn artist Thomas Stevenson pitched a half-dozen canvas tents on his studio rooftop and invited strangers to come spend the night. 


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    Longtime friends Jessica Walsh and Timothy Goodman, both graphic designers living in NYC, agreed to date for forty days. The goal of the experiment, Walsh and Goodman agree, is to see what they can learn from each other and hopefully, fall in love. Check out their blog,


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    MoMa and social media app Foursquare have teamed up to bring NYCers a digital map of the metropolis’ well-known and hidden architectural gems. Landmarks of Modern Architecture features everything from the famous Flatiron building that spawned an entire neighborhood to an unassuming modernist Rockefeller guest house in Midtown East.

    The scavenger hunt takes the user all over NYC and offers design insights for each of its attractions. Take the hunt to the next level with a visit to MoMa’s ongoing retrospectives, “Henri Labrouste: Structure Brought to Light” and “Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Architecture”.


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    Architects working on the upcoming Fulton Street station have finally found a way to bring some light into the notoriously dark and dank NYC subway system. The innovative station design, expected to be unveiled in 2014, will feature an eight-story glass dome suspended by a 70 feet cabling system. The glass tiles of the dome will filter and amplify the natural light down onto the train passengers below. Surprisingly the idea is not entirely new, early subway designs featured small skylights but they were difficult to keep clean and overtime were scrapped in favor of low maintenance artificial lighting. However officials are hoping the success of Fulton Street will encourage other stations to bring the light back to the underground.

    Click here to check out the full concept.


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    TV producer and illustrator Nathan Pyles has created a set of NYC Basic Tips and Etiquette for New York newcomers. The illustrations give simple and humorous directives for newbies and tourists- from how to avoid the wrong subway to exiting a taxi cab.

    Check out the ongoing project here and you may even learn a thing or two.

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    Gannett, media and marketing solutions company and owner of of USA Today, hosted their first-ever media Upfront in New York City on March 5th, 2013. The event, Gannet_Connects, highlighted their transformation from a traditional, newspaper-based media company to a more diversified digital media network with deep roots into local communities. Red Peak was proud to work with Gannett, defining the strategic positioning, “Building Communities through Connections” and expressing that strategy through various design assets including their new brand launch video, which was featured at the Upfront.


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    James Fox named as 2012 Agency Innovator by the Internationalist

    A big congratulations is in order here at Red Peak!  Our very own James Fox has been named a 2012 Agency Innovator by the Internationalist and has been invited to speak at the Innovator’s Summit, taking place November 27th in New York City. 

    James will be joining 29 others from around the globe and across the industry, proving forward-thinking and creativity can come from places big and small.  All of us here at Red Peak are celebrating the exciting news, although we have known we had a genius in our midst for quite some time now.  Check out James and the rest of the field here

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    Think of it as feel-good graffiti.  Grime Writer allows its users to create graffiti by cleaning surfaces rather than covering them up.

      Using a soapy tip, Grime Writers are invited to make dirty walls, tables, cars, floors, and maybe even people into their very own canvas.  Pick up your own here or if you want to get lo-fi just use your finger.


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    Some post-Sandy design work from New York.

    Donate to help NYC rebuild here!


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    #EatDownTipUp to help out Sandy-affected eateries in Lower Manhattan

    Inspired by a Tweet from chef Anthony Bourdain, #EatDownTipUp has created a social media campaign aimed at getting diners to eat Downtown and tip generously at the restaurants affected by the storm. 

    The website allows the restaurants to share their trials and tribulations during the storm and helps to spread awareness to eaters looking to give back.  The campaign also encourages eaters to share their bill and tips online, through Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook. Click on the logo below to explore where you can dine and donate!

    (Source: Mashable)

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    A giant, high-flying tubular tourist attraction over Grand Central Station has been proposed in the bid for the massive rezoning of Midtown East.  Intended to reinvigorate the area which was once the crown jewel of the city, architecture firm SOM has suggested a large circular tube of glass that would track up and down two (new) skyscrapers. 

    Visitors would be able to experience NYC views from all different heights, a concept similar to the London Eye.  While the “flying UFO” has not been selected for development it definitely gets the imagination flowing in terms of how the city may be transformed by the project.


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    Red Peak kicked off the CMJ Music Festival in NYC last night with an intimate set by Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard.  It was an amazing show at HiFi bar and a definite New York moment.

    Take a peek at what you missed with video shot by our very own Nate Dwyer.  CMJ runs through October 20th in venues all over NYC- check out the schedule here.

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